Cutieplants cares about the environment and implements sustainable business practices whenever possible.


Our Packaging

Our corrugated mailer boxes are made from 30-50% recycled content and are 100% recyclable. Our supplier sources their corrugated material from SFI certified suppliers in North America. Our boxes are printed with true water-based inks, which are food-safe and non-toxic. Learn more here.

Our packaging labels are also recyclable, as are the tissue paper and crinkle cut paper shred that we use as protective filler.

The plastic baggies that we ship our planting materials in are 100% recyclable and tested to biodegrade 15% within 1 year per ASTM D5511 test results.

Your Cutieplant is shipped in a small 2" plastic plant pot. Check with your local utilities provider to see if they will accept the plastic plant pot in your recycling bin. Alternatively, many nurseries and garden centers will take back plastic pots and recycle them for you.


Sustainable Practices

Whenever possible, we partner with suppliers who are local to reduce our carbon footprint and support our local business community. We source our succulent plants from a local nursery and the plants are grown in the Pacific Northwest.


Carbon Neutral Shipping

Cutieplants are shipped with Sendle, America's first 100% carbon neutral shipping service. That means we get your goods where they are going while taking care of the planet.